You can reset your metabolism and burn fat quicker, feel more energetic, and have more mental clarity? That sounds like a promise that may be too big to keep, but it is a promise that Dr. Jonny Bowden is making nonetheless.

He says that he has the blueprint to help you eat in a way that promotes a healthy metabolism, no matter how old you are or how much damage you think you have done to your metabolism already. Sound too good to be true?

This review will provide you with my opinion as well as the facts so that you’ve got some information to think about before you make a decision to buy or not.

What Is Metabolic Factor?

First of all, what really is it? It is a program that will teach you how to make your metabolism use fat for energy. Sounds good, right?

This will help you lose weight faster, feel more energetic, have more mental clarity, and feel younger. This is not just for younger people, though, it is actually designed to help “older” people (like mid 40’s – 60’s) who are not able to burn fat like they used to.

In other words, this program can help you reverse the metabolic decline that you have been experiencing and start getting it back into shape for optimal fat loss, weight maintenance, and health.

While this may sound impossible for someone who have been on a regular diet and workout routine before, Dr. Jonny Bowden says that this program is different because it tackles ALL of the reasons that prevent your metabolism from working properly, cause you to get sick, overweight and depressed.

How Does It Work?

You simply follow the blueprint that has been laid out for you. You will learn how to eat to reverse any hormonal damage that has occurred, how to force your metabolism to use fat for energy, and much more.

Everything is covered inside the program.

About Dr. Bowden

Jonny BowdenYou may have seen him on Dr. Oz, read one of his books, or read one of his many articles found in “O” The Oprah Magazine, Self, Prevention, The New York Times, Vanity Fair Online, or elsewhere.

He is a well-known expert who is also known as ‘The Rogue Nutritionist’. He serves on the scientific and medical advisory boards of many different natural product companies, and he owns his own company called Rockwell Nutrition, which sells supplements as well as offers nutritional consultation.

Click to learn more about Jonny Bowden.

Things I like

  • Laid out in blueprint format and leaves no questions unanswered
  • Burn fat much easier once your metabolism is set in high gear
  • Get an optimal metabolism that will keep the weight off and prevent a rebound effect
  • The diet is known to help you get rid of cravings
  • Your mood will improve and you will be able to focus more and think clearer
  • Pains in your body will be alleviated
  • Comes in both digital and physical formats

Things I Didn’t Like

  • A change in eating habits is essential
  • There is no guarantee on how much weight or fat you will lose (this probably depends on how much you’ve got to lose)
  • Must pay for shipping to get the hard copy versions as well as the digital ones (recommended)

Where Can You Buy It?

You can buy it directly from the Metabolic Factor website (opens in new window).

When you do, you will get instant access to the digital program as well as all of the bonuses. Anyone in the world is eligible to buy this program from the website, but you do have to pay shipping fees if you decide to get the digital product only.

The best part? It’s guaranteed!

There is a 60-day money back guarantee. Their claim is that if you are not thrilled with the results you get, then you can get all of your money back (minus any shipping fees) within 60 days of your order.

So, Does it Work?

Definitely, yes – it does work. 🙂

This information is meant to help you reset your metabolism and learn how to eat in a way that promotes a strong and healthy metabolic system. When that happens, fat loss, increased energy, more vitality, and increased mental clarity result.

However, if for some reason that you are not satisfied with your results (seriously, you’re going to be impressed) you can always get your money back.

I recommend you at least give it a shot and see for yourself.

Sale price & bonuses link: Click here to get access to the full blueprint & bonuses with the discount price applied.